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Rock & Roll Is What We Do

An Entertainment company offering high quality cover bands. POP CULTure; an all occasion top 40 band with a Rock twist and The Dirty Little Rock Stars; a one of a kind high energy show with all your favorite Rock Stars. Musicians Bootlick & BBQ; A weekly Web Series on CLE Musicians. We also offer full musical production: Sound, Lighting and staging for private events, weddings and night clubs.


-Oh! We have a LOGO!

-DLRS PROMOTIONAL VIDEO is already in production. We are getting the footage from Garettsville Summerfest and a Special Event at the Newly reopened ODEON for this. The video will be a dynamic representation of the band, edited like a movie trailer.

-The show has lots of mashups/medleys and that makes the arrangements a real trick to sort out. But this adds a really fun element to the way we perform our songs. Original songs will be in the show. 

-There will be accompanying video storytelling to go along with the flow of the DLRS show. These will be short videos that will play along with us live!  The DLRS show is being written with an accompanying story of youths who have a dream. Shhhh….

-Our show will be (at minimum) on the same theatrical scale and professionalism as Who's Bad, Brit Floyd, Hairball, Bruce in the USA, Zowie Bowie. Have you checked out what your getting yourself into?!?!

-There are 5 Major Agencies so far that we are in contact with that cover regional markets. We plan on working with all of them to make DLRS a National Show and beyond…

Dirty Little Rock Stars' Work guidelines

#1 Possess a positive and supportive attitude to match the culture of DLRS. Insubordinate actions will not be tolerated therefore we have an open door policy for any issue at anytime. This door swings both ways, so you are just as welcome to voice your opinion.

#2 Be willing to work as hard as necessary to fulfill the required duties for your position with DLRS. There will be songs to learn, musical tracks to study, and stage moves to perform.

# 3 Please be responsive and responsible for all DLRS requests (especially during this hectic building phase). Your cooperation in this is greatly appreciated.


-Know music in its entirety and be able to perform it at the highest level.

-Rehearsals will be conducted like live shows as closely as possible

-Sing all required back ups and lead vocals at rehearsals. When we give you a part to perform, we wanna hear it at all rehearsals and gigs

-Be flexible with the changing arrangements and set list orders we will go through. While building this show into a final product, we anticipate lots of creative and technical changes along the way.

-Provide your own instruments and amps

-Provide your own pre-approved stage wear or cover expense of any custom made stage wear

-Perform rehearsed stage movements

-Conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times while representing DLRS.

-DLRS rehearsals and shows must take the highest musical priority. Any exceptions must be agreed upon in advance. ie; another national touring act, major family commitments (including pre-planned vacations), or pre-scheduled gigs. 


The positions in Dirty Little Rock Stars:

Principal Talent

Band Member                  

Featured Player

Guest Player

Sub Player

Your title is Band Member

To get paid for a show, you must play that show.

If a Substitute Band Member is playing a gig in your absence, you will not get paid for that gig. 

Your show pay will be on a per show basis. While we are building the show, there will be different sized venues and audiences we will play for. This means that your pay will vary from show to show.

We will be adding more elements, more sophistication and more needs to the show as we play larger venues.

Warm up shows will be even splits between musicians and no fee or nominal fee to the Producer(s).

All payments will be distributed via PayPal. 


Rehearsals are scheduled to be 4 hours in length. The structure will be more or less as follows:

30 minutes for setup

3 hours for music rehearsal

30 minutes for music cleanup/notes

We will run rehearsals like the show, in running order. If there is a new part of the show, or something that needs more work, we will focus on that.

You will be paid $10 per rehearsal for gas money. We will pay this out every 4th rehearsal in the sum of $40.  Light snacks and beverages will be supplied.


For out of town gigs, any travel expenses like hotel rooms, per diem, etc. will be taken care of above and beyond your show pay.

Hotel rooms will be provided based on our show schedule. 

If the gig is more than 4 hours of travel from your home town, 

1. You have the option to take a hotel room. DLRS will provide a reasonable hotel room with continental breakfast that fits into the gig's budget.

2. You will be provided with per diem. Per diem will be paid out at an average of $25 per day on a show day, and $15 for any travel or off day. Per Diem will be adjusted for cost of living in that city. For example, New York City will pay higher than Cleveland or Baton Rouge.

3. DLRS will provide a gas money allowance of at least $25, based on mileage if you are driving to the gig. If DLRS is providing transportation and you still decide to drive, you will not get a gas money allowance.

 If the gig is less than 4 hours from your home town, 

1. Getting a hotel room is up to you if you want to stay overnight. However, if the gig is late enough that driving home will be a danger to the band, we will most likely get one or two shared hotel rooms to save us from driving home dangerously.

2. You will pay your own expenses

3. DLRS will provide a gas money allowance of $20 average if you are driving to the gig. If DLRS is providing transportation and you still decide to drive, you will not get a gas money allowance.

If the gig is in your home town,

1. No hotel rooms provided

2. You pay your own expenses

3. DLRS will provide a gas money allowance of $10 (same as rehearsal)


 During the DLRS show, we use playback tracks as a way to augment our live sound. If you are asked to record some parts for the playback tracks:

1. You will be paid $15 per hour 

2. The recording sessions will be scheduled as 2 or 4 hour sessions. These are also considered the minimum amount of money you will be paid. You will receive either $30 or $60 for a session.

For example, if you do a 45 minute session, you will be paid for 2 hours

If you do a 2 hour and 55 minute session, you will be paid for 4 hours

If you record for DLRS, the tracks you record belong to the show. We can use them at our discretion.  


 Agreed upon by _____________________   & THE DIRTY LITTLE ROCKSTARS


X ____________________________ Date _______            X _____________________________________________

                        TALENT                                                                                                       JASON RAUHOFF & CHAZ AMROSE AS DLRS


This is not a binding contract, it is only acknowledgement of expectations and confidentiality.