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An Entertainment company offering high quality cover bands. POP CULTure; an all occasion top 40 band with a Rock twist and The Dirty Little Rock Stars; a one of a kind high energy show with all your favorite Rock Stars. Musicians Bootlick & BBQ; A weekly Web Series on CLE Musicians. We also offer full musical production: Sound, Lighting and staging for private events, weddings and night clubs.

Musicians Bootlick Season 1 Finale Extravaganza Presents; BAND WIVES !! 2/24

They are an undisputed and under appreciated Rock of sanity and stability in every Musicians Life and they've agreed to 'AIR IT OUT Live on the Bootlick. This may be more than we've asked for.

This is unprecedented territory. This may even be pushing it a little too far. Do we really want to hear all the background stories of groupies and everything else in between that Rock N' Roll offers? And the wives of musicians deal with?.... HELL YA! It will make for a great show!!

So join us February 24th for 3 of these moral pillars of Rocks Anarchy; Tricia Stamp(Chaz Amrose' Wife), Jennifer Rush Ayala(Danny Ayala's Wife) and Sharon Samson(Sean Samsons Wife) for stories that maybe shouldn't be shared but will be anyway. Their stage is long overdue and I couldn't be more thankful that they graciously albeit, cautiously agreed. Thank you ladies. Thank you ONCE AGAIN for all you do. And aside from all the stereotypical Rock Indulgent stories to tell, I know there will be a valuable and honest message of love and commitment.

This season 1 finale show will be at The Greenville Inn in Chagrin Falls on February 24th at 8PM.
Season 2 of The MUSICIANS BOOTLICK will start March 16th.

Thank you all for your support of this original endeavor.