POP CULTure CLEveland

Rock & Roll Is What We Do

An Entertainment company offering high quality cover bands. POP CULTure; an all occasion top 40 band with a Rock twist and The Dirty Little Rock Stars; a one of a kind high energy show with all your favorite Rock Stars. Musicians Bootlick & BBQ; A weekly Web Series on CLE Musicians. We also offer full musical production: Sound, Lighting and staging for private events, weddings and night clubs.

Musicians Bootlick sits down with the Heir Apparent top writing duo of Joe Parker & Matt Murphy

The Incredible musical talent in this city never ceases to amaze. The New Company, Churchill Sound & Score is poised to produce major Multi Media projects right out of Cleveland! Join the Musicians Bootlick this Wednesday to find out what they do and theyre incredibly rich story from almost being signed by a major label, to Broadway work, to their building of a company, worthy of the big city lights of LA or NY,that they chose to put right here in THE LAND. 

And also enjoy Music from their 90's band 'Rumor Has It.' Might I add that watching these guys perform may already be the Musical highlight of your year! 

Happy 2016 everyone and see you at the SHOWWWW!!!
Visit their website: http://www.churchillscoreandsound.com