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An Entertainment company offering high quality cover bands. POP CULTure; an all occasion top 40 band with a Rock twist and The Dirty Little Rock Stars; a one of a kind high energy show with all your favorite Rock Stars. Musicians Bootlick & BBQ; A weekly Web Series on CLE Musicians. We also offer full musical production: Sound, Lighting and staging for private events, weddings and night clubs.

Sean Samson; 'Stands for GRABBIT'


Cleveland Musical treasures are surely grand in The CLE and our Culture for creating great music here never ceases to impress but did you also know we are producing products for Musicians on an International level? Thats exactly what Sean Samson, President and founder of Grabbit Stands is doing. Grabbit prides itself on bringing continued innovation to the music industry with its many lines of products. When I talked with him last at a Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame function that his company co-sponsored, His Grabbit Guitar stands were holding some of the most prestigious guitars in the whole joint including this Eddie Van Halen Guitar on display in the lower atrium when you walk in.
   Join The Musicians Bootlick this Wednesday January 27th when we find out Seans story of going to market in an extremely competitive field while balancing Family and a busy Rock Band schedule as a band leader and drummer right here in the Cleveland music scene.
   The (G)rabbit hole goes deep so prepare for a wild ride when we sit down with Sean, 8PM THIS WEDNESDAY at the historic Greenville Inn.

eddie van halen guitar-grabbit stands.JPG