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An Entertainment company offering high quality cover bands. POP CULTure; an all occasion top 40 band with a Rock twist and The Dirty Little Rock Stars; a one of a kind high energy show with all your favorite Rock Stars. Musicians Bootlick & BBQ; A weekly Web Series on CLE Musicians. We also offer full musical production: Sound, Lighting and staging for private events, weddings and night clubs.


Maybe an additional amount of thought should have went into this years Musicians Foreign Exchange Program between POP CULTure and London Flatts.

As the liquor soaked Boys from PC made their way over the pond leaving their main steed, Chaz, behind, 3 drunk yet dapper lads from London made the swap complete. The Musicians Foreign Exchange Program pairs bands by swapping some members for absolutely no good reason while ensuring all they do is party like RockStars. And yet the band is rising to stange and unimaginable heights! Is it possible we have something here? weigh in on the mayhem THIS SATURDAY NIGHT at The Greenville Inn in Chagrin Falls. 

Musicians Bootlick Season 1 Finale Extravaganza Presents; BAND WIVES !! 2/24

They are an undisputed and under appreciated Rock of sanity and stability in every Musicians Life and they've agreed to 'AIR IT OUT Live on the Bootlick. This may be more than we've asked for.

This is unprecedented territory. This may even be pushing it a little too far. Do we really want to hear all the background stories of groupies and everything else in between that Rock N' Roll offers? And the wives of musicians deal with?.... HELL YA! It will make for a great show!!

So join us February 24th for 3 of these moral pillars of Rocks Anarchy; Tricia Stamp(Chaz Amrose' Wife), Jennifer Rush Ayala(Danny Ayala's Wife) and Sharon Samson(Sean Samsons Wife) for stories that maybe shouldn't be shared but will be anyway. Their stage is long overdue and I couldn't be more thankful that they graciously albeit, cautiously agreed. Thank you ladies. Thank you ONCE AGAIN for all you do. And aside from all the stereotypical Rock Indulgent stories to tell, I know there will be a valuable and honest message of love and commitment.

This season 1 finale show will be at The Greenville Inn in Chagrin Falls on February 24th at 8PM.
Season 2 of The MUSICIANS BOOTLICK will start March 16th.

Thank you all for your support of this original endeavor. 

Ax Slinger/Guitar Guru ROB SAMAY at The BOOTLICK 2/17

Rob Samay is in high demand these days. Between his steady flow of shows and crafting custom guitars Im glad he found time to visit the Bootlick. Theres a great story to tell of how Rob is Successfully and finally doing what he loves full time; Music. 

Catch our chat and then a jam with Rob and many other friends at The Bootlick this Wednesday. 
(This is the rescheduled show from last week 2/10,  due to inclement weather)

Ax Slinger/Guitar Guru Rob Samay at the Bootlick, 2/17

Rob Samay is in high demand these days. Between his steady flow of shows and crafting custom guitars Im glad he found time to visit the Bootlick. Theres a great story to tell of how Rob is finally and successfully doing what he loves full time; Music. 

Catch our chat and then a jam with Rob and many other friends at The Bootlick this Wednesday.

Following Rob, A special Jam Night featuring Nerve On Ya, Nirvana Tribute. These guys will bring us back to what started the 90's and changed  a generation. See you at the Showwwww!

Christine Marie; Cleveland Singer Songwriter visits the Bootlick

   How many former Las Vegas performers, now Clevelanders', will be onstage when Singer, Songwriter and Guitar player Christine Marie visits the Bootlick Stage? The answer is 4. 'Wait, 4 former Las Vegas performers on one little stage in the CLE? Thats Crazy!'

   Crazy but true. Christine Marie, a native Clevelander, is home and up to great things. Fresh back from a small tour, which included a night with famed blues player Buddy Guy in Chicago, and playing her songs all around town Christine sits down at The Bootlick to talk past, present and future. She'll be joined onstage with members from her own band and 3 other Las Vegas prodigal sons and current Bootlick band members Craig Martini and Gio Mastro and Chaz.
   A great night of Music ahead Wednesday February 3rd with Christine Marie at the Musicians Bootlick.

Sean Samson; 'Stands for GRABBIT'


Cleveland Musical treasures are surely grand in The CLE and our Culture for creating great music here never ceases to impress but did you also know we are producing products for Musicians on an International level? Thats exactly what Sean Samson, President and founder of Grabbit Stands is doing. Grabbit prides itself on bringing continued innovation to the music industry with its many lines of products. When I talked with him last at a Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame function that his company co-sponsored, His Grabbit Guitar stands were holding some of the most prestigious guitars in the whole joint including this Eddie Van Halen Guitar on display in the lower atrium when you walk in.
   Join The Musicians Bootlick this Wednesday January 27th when we find out Seans story of going to market in an extremely competitive field while balancing Family and a busy Rock Band schedule as a band leader and drummer right here in the Cleveland music scene.
   The (G)rabbit hole goes deep so prepare for a wild ride when we sit down with Sean, 8PM THIS WEDNESDAY at the historic Greenville Inn.

eddie van halen guitar-grabbit stands.JPG

KISS The BOOT; David Alex Kiss, storied CLE Front Man, Kisses and Tells


You've seen him before, He's the one with Blonde Spiky Hair in the Black Sunglasses and Biker Jacket. No, Not those other two Imitators. Dave's the OG! 

David and his wife Sandy are deep in the Cleveland Music scene. Check out a Bootlick performance by David with his modest, meek better half Sandy behind the lens and hear their, More times than not, Hilarious stories of Cleveland Rock N' Roll cause no one knows better. Ya, This is gonna be fun!

Catch David & Sandy Kiss Wednesday January 20th on The MUSICIANS BOOTLICK at the Historic Greenville Inn, 8PM.

Rockabilly Reigns King for Cleveland Musician David Loy on Musicians Bootlick 1/13

David Loy and his band The Ramrods stop by The Musicians Bootlick on January 13th to talk about his 32 year career in Cleveland music and then they hit the stage to play some of his Rockabilly favorites.
In his storied career Loy has opened for The Romantics, Joe “King” Carrasco, Blackfoot, Maggie’s Dream, Jason and the Scorchers, and Bill Kirchen. Getting back to his rockabilly and Americana roots, David Loy and The Ramrods recently opened for Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Wanda Jackson. He is a true Cleveland original.
I have a lot I owe to David as he and I spent many gigs together in the late 90's as he carried me musically while I was an up and coming singer and guitar player. In fact he may even be surprised to know that the first gigs I actually played integral guitar on were the gigs we did.
Join us at the Greenville Inn on January 13th as I am proud to feature a night of killer Rockabilly Originals and Covers with DAVID LOY & THE RAMRODS on THE MUSICIANS BOOTLICK.

Musicians Bootlick sits down with the Heir Apparent top writing duo of Joe Parker & Matt Murphy

The Incredible musical talent in this city never ceases to amaze. The New Company, Churchill Sound & Score is poised to produce major Multi Media projects right out of Cleveland! Join the Musicians Bootlick this Wednesday to find out what they do and theyre incredibly rich story from almost being signed by a major label, to Broadway work, to their building of a company, worthy of the big city lights of LA or NY,that they chose to put right here in THE LAND. 

And also enjoy Music from their 90's band 'Rumor Has It.' Might I add that watching these guys perform may already be the Musical highlight of your year! 

Happy 2016 everyone and see you at the SHOWWWW!!!
Visit their website: http://www.churchillscoreandsound.com

Local Rockers Light Heartfelt Torch For Fallen Rocker Scott Weiland with STP Tribute

Theres no way to know at this time whether a Tribute to local fallen Rockstar Scott Weiland is the real deal or is it like slowing down at a car crash. Scott grew up in Bainbridge for awhile and attended Kenston. Hmmm...seems ironic vocalist Chaz Amrose who leads the tribute also attended Kenston. Are these Boys for real? Is it too soon? Is this exploitation, Shameless, grandstanding? Where will this STP Tribute go? One thing is for sure, Right here in the epicenter for fans of Scotts music, people want to know and are coming out in a large force to see this initial show at The Musicians Bootlick at The Greenville Inn in Chagrin Falls Tonight! So be inquisitive, be judgmental but I think you will come away tearful from an earnest heartfelt tribute to music that deserves to be played and should live on. At least thats the hope.

Scott Weiland was found unresponsive and confirmed dead on Dec 3rd at 48. He lived in Bainbridge with his Brother Mike, Mother and Stepfather who's name he adopted through grade school and made many friends. we hope some of them will come tonight and share stories and help remember a tortured brilliant soul. 

Should these guys continue an STP Tribute? the band 'Core' is; Chaz Amrose, Sean Sampson, Danny Ayala, and introducing Taylor Netzler on Guitar. We want to know and hear from you! I think we already have a name...